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Sensation CTS Ltd Provides A.T. (assistive technology) information, advice and services to disabled people for work, leisure and improved quality of life.

Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA) Services

Screen shot from a Voice Output Communication Aid VOCASetting up and programming High-Tech Voice Output Communication Aids or VOCAs, can prove challenging even for the most technically minded people.

In colaboration with users, parents, teacher and therapists, Sensation CTS Ltd has programmed communication grids on Dynavox high-tech communication aids, and on VOCA's and computers running The Grid 2. We have also helped users identify Remote control of a toy bridge using a Dynavox DV4different ways that they can access their devices using switch-controlled manual or automatic scan and select, or direct control through alternate mouse touch screen, or eye gaze.

Whatever your individual needs, be it setting up switch access, adding new communication content, or programming advanced features such as video playback or environmental control (pictured right), we can help you to get the most out of your VOCA.


Preventing data loss

A great risk to a VOCA user is the potential loss of their individual communication grids and setups, that might have taken months or even years to develop. Having a reliable backup system in place is essential to ensuring that the stress of loosing important data is avoided. It is also vital that the time between any VOCA failure and getting your system fully up and running is reduced to a minimum.

We can advise and help you make the most of a VOCA. For more information or to arrange a consultation, please click here to contact Sensation CTS Ltd.


Information for meeting changing needs

We offer consultation services and information regarding range of assistive technology equipment and strategies that can help you to overcome present and future challenges.