Sensation CTS Ltd Services

Sensation CTS Ltd Provides A.T. (assistive technology) information, advice and services to disabled people for work, leisure and improved quality of life.

Training Services

Assistive technology for work and productivity

We can provide training that is tailored to your needs on a one to one or a group basis.

Whatever your disability we can help you learn new ways to get the most from a computer for life, work and education.

We can help you experience computer control using any of our extensive range of computer access devices including, alternative keyboards and mice, switches using The Grid 2, voice recognition software and eye gaze.

We can provide training in using any of these fully licensed software titles:

For more information or to discuss your specific training requirements, please click here to contact Sensation CTS Ltd.


Information for meeting changing needs

We offer consultation services and information regarding range of assistive technology equipment and strategies that can help you to overcome present and future challenges.