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Sensation CTS Ltd Provides A.T. (assistive technology) information, advice and services to disabled people for work, leisure and improved quality of life.

Create switch and eye gaze accessible video and audio resources

The Touch Gaze Mouse Media Access Assessment tool turns video and audio files into assistive technology accessible resources. These motivating resources can be used:

Movies recorded on a camera or a mobile phone, as well as DVDs, YouTube videos* and MP3 music files can be played on a computer. Playback is automatically paused at pre-determined intervals and a resume playback symbol is displayed at random positions on the screen. To resume playback a user can press an attached switch or interact with an on-screen symbol using a mouse, touch screen/whiteboard or eye gaze controller.

* YouTube videos can only be used with an internet connection and the only with the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable

Pre-configurable pause options can be setup to:

The size of the default play symbol measures 209 x 144 pixels. This can be increased or decreased to make targeting easier or more challenging. The play symbol can also be replaced by any JPEG image.

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Information for meeting changing needs

We offer consultation services and information regarding range of assistive technology equipment and strategies that can help you to overcome present and future challenges.