Sensation CTS Ltd Services

Sensation CTS Ltd Provides A.T. (assistive technology) information, advice and services to disabled people for work, leisure and improved quality of life.

Assistive Technology Support

Image showing a person with a question mark above the head holding an AAC switch connector.Don't let set up and technical problems get in the way of your making the most of computers and assistive technology.

Using telephone, Skype webcam and remote computer to computer support, we can quickly identify the cause of your problem and, in most situations, help you get back up and running in as short a time as possible.

TeamViewer LogoUsing TeamViewer for a quick, easy and secure remote computer to computer connection, we can often resolve problems with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Don't switch off and let your assistive technology gather dust! Switch on to Sensation CTS Technical Support for users of Assistive Technology!

For more information or to discuss your specific support requirements, please click here to contact Sensation CTS Ltd.


Information for meeting changing needs

We offer consultation services and information regarding range of assistive technology equipment and strategies that can help you to overcome present and future challenges.