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Sensation CTS Ltd Provides assistive technology information, advice and services to disabled people for work, leisure and improved quality of life.

Accessible technology solutions for people living with disability

Eye Gaze Gaming - Fly by eye!

Watch this user experiencing computer game playing using his eyes to control the aeroplane.

Create switch and eye gaze accessible video and audio resources

The Touch Gaze Mouse Media Access Assessment tool turns video and audio files into touch screen, eye gaze, mouse and switch accessible activities. Click here to read more....

Sensation CTS Ltd provides assistive technology advice, training and assessment services.

We have assessed, supported and mentored many children and adults who are living with a range of disabilities, to help them improve their independent access to computers, communication aids and every-day technology.

We appreciate that information and opportunities to try out assistive and enabling technology, communication aids or specialist computer software are difficult to come by.

Whatever a person's disability or learning difficulty we can help find an accessibility solution that could make a difference to his or her life in:

There are many control alternatives that may be able to help you, or a person you know who is living with disability, overcome barriers to the effective use of a computer, communication aid or gadget.

To discuss how Sensation CTS Ltd can help you or someone you know,
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Eye gaze experience

Want to know what eye gaze is? Would you like to try it out?
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Unclear about assistive technology?

Focus on assistive technology and software. We can help you identify a product to suit your individual needs. Click here to contact us.

Set up, training & support

We can install and set up accessible technology and provide training together with ongoing technical support, in person or using remote computer control through TeamViewer and or Skype.
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